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Exam for 7th grade bilingual

Command : Choose one of the most correct answers

1.   Steps to turn off the computer that really is ....
a. click Start - select Shutdown
b. immediately press the Power button on the CPU
c. select Shutdown - press the Power button
d. press the Power button a few seconds

2.   The following group of equipment belonging to the input is ....
a. mouse, keyboard and monitor                 c. keyboards, scanners and printers
b. monitor, speakers and flash                     d. scanner, keyboard and mouse

3.   The purpose of the term "drag" the mouse is in use ....
a. Moving the mouse or direct guidance on the desired section
b. Pressing the right mouse button twice
c. Pressing the left mouse button once
d. Pressing a mouse button and move the mouse in the desired position without the

4.   Each of us save the document in Microsoft Word, the program automatically adds the file extension. ...
a. wrd                    b. xls                            c. doc                           d. ppt

5.   Sometimes the documents we have stored a long time was still needed. So should we
      open the document again. Icon to open documents saved is .....

a                            b.                                 c..                                d.

6.   Stabilizer is used to ....
a. stabilize voltage                           c. Raising the voltage
b. lower voltage                              d. Save on electricity consumption

7.   The wrong body position when working with computers can lead to the following matters, unless ....
a. work to be smooth                                  c. Tired
b. stiff neck muscles                                    d. Eye irritation

8.   If the computer is turned off is not according to the procedure, then the computer hardware could be damaged, especially ....
a. disk                    b. Monitor                    c. hard disk                  d. Modem

9.   Computer components that form of human resources (HR) is called ....
a. Brainware           b. Software                  c. Hardware                 d. Computer room

10. Referred to download on internet usage is ....
a. retrieve file archives                                 c. open the archive file
c. search the archive file                              d. send an archive file

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